Crufts/GB 05.03.09  
Richterin: Irmgard de Haan- de Levie/NL
Bericht, Ergebnisse, Bilder: Irmgard de Haan- de Levie/NL


On March 5th 2009.

I was very honoured to be invited in 2004 !! to judge my favorite breed
at the World’s largest and most important Dogshow and I expected
Top- Hounds on this day, because they have to be qualified to show at Crufts.

Unfortunately my expectation was nót what I had hoped, the quality of
at least 50% was below the Standard, specially in the males.
The bitches were much better and I had several ones which I considered
to be my Winners Bitch.

I hope that the breeders of this wonderful hounds will keep in mind what
The function of the Irish Wolfhound is: A strong Greyhoundlike dog with
power! elegance and the ability to catch and kill a Wolf and I found only
a few who could do the work.

You are the custodians of the breed and responsible for the quality of
The Irish Wolfhound and please keep this in mind.
My Winners Dog and Winners Bitch, as well as the Reserves were
of a high quality and a credit to their owners.

Irmgard de Haan- de Levie. ( De Ruempol Irish Wolfhounds) Holland



Veteran Dog: (1)

  Ardmacha Cormac at Sanderstown
91/2 yr. Old brindle of very good type,
excellent muscled body and a good mover for his age.
A credit to his owner.

Special puppy Dog: 8 entered, 2 absentees.

  Caredig Echo
Grey brindle 12 months, nice head and expression,
strong-well muscled body, turns his right front feet.
Correct angulation, reasonable mover. Well presented.

2nd  Charobie Charming Charlie
10 months old strong pupy with good head and expression.
Strong body, moved okay
had to get used to the noise in the hall.

3rd   Driftcot Billy Elliot
10 months old black, head spoiled by his flat ears.
Underjaw could be broader and could do
with more spring of rib. Movement okay.

The others in this class I did not place, because of lack of Quality.

Special Junior Dog: 4 entered.

  Calcara Horgan
17 months light brindle, old-fashioned head without furnishing.
Strong well-muscled body, could do with better forechest.
I would prefer more body-weight on him. Strong mover.

2nd.   Strickenoak Earl Marichal from Gartlove NAF
a 15 months black Junior, good head and expression,
short neck and could do with more lenght of leg.
Coat on the soft side. Moved well.

Bribiba’s Celtic Mix for Nightwing
14 months old brindle, Nice head, good body,
has the tendency to hackney.Exc.coat.

4th.   Kilfenora’s First Mate.

Yearling Dog : ( 9-1 absent).

  Uella 0’Hogan
23 months old, nice type, lovely head and expression,
correct ears, correct top-and underline, deep brisket,
would like more fore-chest. Movement adequate.

 2nd.  Winston Della Bassa Pavese
same age as 1, brindle male of nice type, masculine head,
good expression. Straight in the pastern
and could be longer in the loin. Good mover..

3rd.  30.003. (No name available)
22 months old light brindle, would prefer a better head on him.
Good body, well muscled, movement okay.

4th.   Cleaseac Camembert at Shalico.

5th.   Hazianne Total Eclipse.

Post Graduate Class ( 12, 2 Absentees).

This was a very disappointing class for me.

1st.   Rivenhound Steeple Chaser
22 months light-brindle, nice head and expression,
good forechest and strong well-muscled body,
enough length of neck. Moved well.

2nd.   Killoughery the Maverick
26 months, light-brindle, good head and expression,
lacking forechest, good top-underline, moved well.

3rd  .Cleaseac Camembert at Shalico.

4th.   Rivenhound Wild Goosechase.

5th.   Cufodhla Anois at Dukesarum.

Limit Dog: 11 entered, 5 absentees.

Bokra Wallace to Sade
28 months grey brindle stallion.
excellent head and expression, strong well-muscled neck.
Strong top- and underline, excellent bone and feet.
Very strong thigh and second thigh. Correct mover from all sides. Excellent coat.
This is an Irish Wolfhound in a Greyhoundlike-form.

bokra-wallace-to-sade BOS

Hydebeck Menelaus
4 yr. Old brindle male, strong masculine head, correct ears.
Strong top- and underline, tremendous bone and feet.
Very well-muscled thigh and second thigh. Moved with drive.
Very good coat-texture.
A real irish Wolfhound with power and strength.

3rd.   Sade Rossi at Ballalyn
4 yr. Dark brindle dog with pleasing head,
shorter in neck and body than nr. 1 and 2.
Movement correct from the side, but would like more drive.

4th.   Fincorrie Kadoo

5th.   Bribiba Chieftain of Scotland.

Open Dog:15 – 3 Absentees.

  Ch. Mascotts Mantovani
3 yr. Old almost black male with pleasing head and expression,
could do with a broader underjaw. Correct top and underline,
good bone and feet. Croup a little straight.
Correct muscletone and moved very light on his feet
with strenght and power.

2nd.   Ch. Eraser of First Avenue
4 yrs.old grey brindle, Correct head and expression,
nice depth of chest, good bone and feet,
could be slightly longer in loin for me.
Well muscled body. Good free mover. Very well presented.

3rd.   Caredig Galileo
2 ½ yr/ brindle, good masculine head and expression,
enormous body, very good bone and feet,
but could have a better front-construction.
Elbows not close to the body.
Deep chest, long ribcage and nice angulated rear. Moved well.

4th.   Uella Ardee.

5th.   Santir Pride of Scotland at Bribiba

Special puppy bitch: 10 entered ( 1 abs).

10 months old grey-brindle, very feminine, lovely head and expression, strong neck going into Correct topline.
Deep brisket, nice forechest, correct bone and feet,
well angulated for-and after. Moved with drive from the rear.

2ND.   Ballalyns All or Nothing to Sade
12 months dark- brindle pup, excellent type,
would like slightly heavier bone, correct top- and underline,
moved correct, but tail has to settle.

3rd.  Hibeck Hannah at Rivenhound
nice feminine pup, But not as good as 1 and 2.

4th.   Brachan Loch Dee over Tapsalteerie.

5th.  Killykeen Niam at Tarlog.

Special Junior Bitch: 6 entered, 1 abs

1st.  Bribiba’s Ebony Moon
15 months old dark-brindle, very nice head and expression ,
good bone and feet, correct top- and underline,
correct angulated front and rear, moved with drive.

2nd.   Strickenoak Louise Marie
15 months dark brindle, she lacks forechest,
otherwise good top- and underline, well-angulated rear.
Moved with drive from the rear, but short steps in front.

3rd.   Ballalyn’s the Easy Way
13 months young bitch, nice type,
but she could do with more length of leg.
Correct top- and underline, moved quite well.

4th.  Ravensbeech Sylla.

5th.   Yelxba Venus.

Yearling Bitch: 17 entered, 5 absentees.

Genuine of First Avenue
24 months old dark brindle of very nice type, lovely head and expression, well-carried ears, strong well-arched neck going into correct topline. Perfect bone and feet, deep brisket, very nice angulated front- and rear. Lovely mover. Very well presented.

2ND.   Waikiki della Bassa Pavese
23 months nice dark brindle very typical in head.
Strong bone and correct feet. Exc. top- and underline, well muscled.
Nice depth of chest and correct angulated.
Coming towards me, she was slightly toeing in.

3rd.  Cleaseac Chilly Kato
2 yr. old brindle which could do with less bodyweight.
Good type, but shorter in neck than 1 and 2.
Correct topline, good bone and feet, moved well.

4th  .Gartlove Lady Godiva.

5th.   Gartlove Gartwinnzean.

Postgraduate Bitch: 15 entered, 3 absentees.

1st.   Bokra Valencia
2 ½ yr. Grey-brindle of old-fashioned Type,
very nice head and expression, correct earcarriage.
Well-arched neck, excellent forechest, strong topline.
Deep brisket, correct bone and feet, well angulated rear.
Could do with more drive from the rear.

2nd.   Dunewalker Miss Behaving of Baronglen
2 yr. Old dark brindle, nice feminine head and expression,
good forechest, shorter in neck than 1.
Correct bone and feet, good top- and underline, moved well

.3rd.  Caredig Freya, Just 2 yrs.
Old fashioned type,correct head and expression, nice forechest,
strong neck. Correct bone and feet. Strong topline and deep brisket.
Well angulated front and rear. Could easily win,
when she was better presented.

4th.   Ballyphelan Jeni Jones.

5th.   Rivenhound Chase Me.

Limit Bitch: 10 entered and present.

Cualainn Psyche Caredig
3 yrs. Old, a bitch of great Size and excellent type.
Very beautiful head with enormous pigmentation,
strong well-arched neck, excellent forechest.
Strong bone and feet, correct top- and underline with
enormous width over the loin, strong thigh and second thigh.
Moved excellent front and after and from the side.

Crufts 05.03.09 BOB

2nd.   Bokra Windchyme
old-fashioned type of bitch
2 ½ yrs. old with excellent head and expression,
strong well arched neck. Correct bone and feet.
Excellent top- and underline, good forechest, well-muscled rear.
Movement correct.

3rd.   Cualainn Persia
Littersister to nr. 1. Exc. type, lovely Head and expression,
strong bone and feet. Correct in front,
Nice top- and underline, very well-muscled hindquarters,
She was very well-presented. Lovely mover.

4th.   Amarach Macushla.

5th.  Killoughery Aine.

Open Bitch: 8 entered, 3 present.

1st.   Genuine of First Avenue.
( see Yearling Bitch)

2nd.   Ch.McLights Red Rose
4 ½ yr. Old fashioned type,
Nice typical head and expression, lovely top- and underline,
good bone and feet. Well muscled. Lost in movement from 1.

3rd.  Hunacres Karoline
6 yrs. Dark-brindle of lovely type, nice head and expression,
good forechest, feet and bone. She is weak in topline,
which is visible on the move.

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